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To protect design projects, concepts and ideas, AoD offers the possibility to designers and companies to store a copy of the documentation of your design in AoD's Design Archive. The archive is not public and it will be only open in case of a dispute. This is a simple and unexpensive way to protect your design. Please note that this is not a patent, it is mainly for proof and self protection.
Our database is open to all companies, institutions and people that are searching for talented designers and best design companies. You may browse our design database alphabetically or you can perform an advanced search to find a specific designers or design studios with regards to specialization and location. We also provide consultancy service if you do not know where to start.
Apply for a new member or renew your AoD membership to gain many membership benefits and be part of a great community. Association of Design exists to promote professional excellence through productive partnerships between commerce and the design industry to profit designers and design companies and also to promote good design to public, institutions and non-design companies alike.
Association of Design, in collaboration with A'Design Award and Competitions organises the following competitions in many fields such as furniture design, packaging design, fashion design, architecture and building design, toy design, interior design, lightning design, electronic and digital devices design, interface design, vehicle design, home appliances design competitions. To learn more about design competitions click here.
It is your chance to tell your design story to the world; Members and affiliates of the Association of Design can benefit from the Design PR Wire's discounts for communicating your press releases and success stories to thousands of design oriented magazines, blogs, newspapers and other media worldwide. DesignPRWire also help design companies for targeting, monitoring and measurement.
Online edition of the Salone del Designer is a great event, in a one week period, an incredible advertisement budget is used to attract design oriented individuals, companies, producers and other designers to a single spot. At Salone del Designer, Design Studios, Designers and Design-Product companies will have opportunity to sell their products online and make new customers.
Association of Design, in collaboration with Design Mediators will introduce designers and design studios to companies who are interested in producing design oriented products. The service is provided to all members. The Matchmaking seasons or design leads are published in our periodical newsletters. So it is highly suggested that you join this newsletter to see open leads and design jobs.
Association of Design works as a design business-oriented social networking site, mainly used for professional networking between design professionals allowing designers, design oriented companies and design studios to get connected by building and maintaining professional connections, by creating a profile page, list their previous works and share their porfolios and clientele information with the industry.
Association of Design, helps fellow members for legal issues relating to design industry especially for preparing agreements for design such as intellectual property rights, sales of design rights and more. In addition Association of Design can also be specified as the adjudicator or mediator of such agreements to provide fair mediation services for resolution of disputes in any design related agreements.
Get creative, browse the largest and selected online archive of designer profiles, design products, designs and design studios. View curated design selections with works submitted to the competitions, profile pages and realized or idealized design concepts. Also you may register your email to the monthly newsletter, follow us on twitter or subscribe to the rss feed to get daily inspiration delivered to you.
Join our Newsletter, Facebook Group and follow us at Twitter to get updates on design conferences, events, exhibitions, competitions and more. Alternatively use social web tools such as Delicious, Digg and Stumbleupon to share Association of Design web pages and content, you can also send your friends emails to invite them to the platform. Also use our widgets to embed our content into your webpages.
Members get exlusive discounts and bargains at many design related institutions, companies in addition to the chance of attending private workshops and conferences, plus many intangible benefits and network externalities such as being a part of great design community, finding design jobs and opportunities, keeping up with design trends, fashion and issues that could change the future of profession.
Conditions of use: This website and directory of designers and design companies is to be used for individual, personal and confidential reference purposes of designers and design businesses searching for designers or design businesses. You may not, in whole or in part, reproduce, copy, disseminate, enter into a computer database, use as part of or in connection with a mailing list, or otherwise utilize in any form or manner or by any means, except for your individual, personal and confidential reference. AoD will actively pursue violations of these conditions. If you’d like to communicate to our members as a group contact us.
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